Having been to one other location for laser hair removal I had a certain idea of what to expect when I came to Sunny. I was prepared for a quick pass with the technician and the treatment to be uncomfortable and sit around for an hour while my skin returned to a normal shade (my skin is hypersenstive and would be horrifically red for about an hour after treatment). What I found when I arrived was a very knowledeable technician who sat down and talked with me about the procedure, the type of laser she was doing, how permanent hair removal works and why you need more than a couple of sessions (even if after the first one it seems like it had already done the job). Yes, she was very clear on her cancellation policy and what the fee would be and how it affects her job when people cancel late or just don't show up. And I totally understood and agreed and appreciated her honesty and forthrightness on her feelings about this. Then she got down to work. I was braced for the bit of pain...and was flat out shocked at how painless the procedure was. It was a breeze (literally and figuratively) and although my skin was red after treatment, it was evened out after about 30 min. Huge improvement. The second time I came back, took only 10 min. I highly recommend Laserworks and Sunni personally. Who cares about getting a "spa" experience, spend the $ on the best laser you can buy and zap those suckers to oblivion 😀 Her prices are more reasonable than what I have seen elsewhere, her laser machine is top of the line and she is a gem of a gal. I have just started my treatments but I am sure to use her for any further hair removal I will need in the future. Thanks Sunni!