I originally bought a package through Groupon which introduced me to Sunny's services. I have been so happy with the results, that I am now going on for treatment in another area. Sunny is very pleasant to deal with and her personality shines on through. Yes, there is a cancellation policy and she reminds you of it, BUT it seems fair to me (48 hour notice) and it has yet to come up as an issue as I have kept ALL of my appointments so far. The treatments themselves are pain free, quick and pretty easy on the patent end of things. There is not much we need to do other than be clean, stay out of the sun and no plucking! Now when I visit, I'm in and out of the office so quick, it takes me longer to get there and back than actually to get stuff taken care of. I have never had to wait to be seen for my appointments, my initial appointment was made for the day after I called to inquire about her services (so no long waiting periods to get things started!) and she is able to schedule follow ups with GREAT flexibility. Start enjoying the new, less hairy version of yourself!

Robbie V. Keene,NH