Laserworks is an efficiently operated one-woman shop (hence the cancellation policy which every place has so I don't understand the gripe and btw, the penalty is not an exorbitant amount and certainly not more than the treatment itself - let's keep our reviews honest). If you want a faux fancy salon and faux pleasant people to make you feel special and try to sell you bling for your VJJ while they charge you significantly more, it's not the place for you. If you want excellent results at an affordable price from an honest and pleasant aesthetician (and still walk out feeling special!) then go to Sunny. I could not be happier with the service and the results. Yes, it's true, this is maybe only the third review I've posted and no, I have not been "planted" Some people do not feel compelled to post a review on every experience they've had (who has the time?). I will post a review when I feel strongly about an experience either good or bad. In summary, If you want quick, painless, affordable and effective hair removal, give Sunny a try - I think you will be very pleased.

Meli S. Manhattan, NY