I first went to Laserworks when I purchased a special offer from Groupon. I was so impressed with my first 3 mini treatments that I purchases several packages and have never been more happy. The results begin to show immediately after your first few successive visits. Sunni, the technician, is amazing, warm and friendly. She wants to make sure you are comfortable, well informed about each package and appropriately prepped before your treatments. This is a very reputable and effective service which I highly recommend to anyone with unwanted hair growth. Its not a spa but hey - we have the rest of our lives to be pampered WITHOUT EVER stepping into another waxing room! I am ecstatic .. no more shaving and 5 minute showers! Plus I know my bf gets just as excited seeing these fantastic results 🙂 I don't know why I did not do this sooner. Its a life changer!!!

Caity L. Manhattan, NY